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The Debut Single 'So Long'


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Superb vocals guide us through the twists and turns of this emotional and musically immersive rock journey. Listen loud.” - Rebecca Cullen

Stereo Stickman

What I really dig is the vibrant power & punch this song has from start to finish. From its countdown opening leading to fired-up & inspired musicianship that instantly seeks to ignite your speakers ablaze with scorching hot guitars, to the perfect tone & energy David brings to the words as he sings them – “So Long” stands a fantastic chance of standing out strong through its relentlessly bold sound.” - Jeremy Gladstone

Sleeping Bag Studios

Undoubtedly, everyone has their trials and tribulations. This record stands as testament to that and the idea of something greater being on the other end of defeat. ” - Rock Lee

Straight Bread Magazine

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Random Parts is a fully realized, remotely recorded rock project from songwriter Jonathon Brannon. 

Since 2007, this Los Angeles based songwriter has been releasing memorable acoustic music under the name Brannon, which featured longtime collaborator David Cagle on vocals. 

In this new incarnation, Random Parts embrace a more commercially appealing Pop/Rock aesthetic, setting Jonathon’s signature songwriting, and a collaboration of talented vocalists, against a backdrop of crunchy guitars, heavy drums and memorable hooks. 

The resulting sound will appeal to fans of bands like Nickelback & Daughtry, while pushing the genre into bold new territory. 

Currently signed to Welton St. Records, Random Parts is poised to be a fixture in modern rock for years to come.